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Originally Posted by ILikeRust View Post
I am so totally not committed to hoisting it myself. In fact, I am leaning towards having them do it, just to keep it simple. Not only have they done it a couple hundred times, but then the liability is on them if they drop it. They charge a $200 flat fee for the crane, plus $75/hr labor for the operator, so hoisting it out would probably be about $250, and the same again for putting it back in. I figure for $500 round trip, to get it done quickly, professionally, and most importantly - safely - balanced against my time, effort and angst, probably is worth it, it the grand scheme of things.
Very sensible. There are some very clever, thoughtful DIY homebuilt solutions for hauling/installing a boat engine, but a light crane handled by a boat yard specialist is by far the simplest, safest and fastest solution for this particular job. Given the overall costs of an engine overhaul/refit, $500 is not outrageous for the peace of mind. I'd rather spend time and mental energy planning the bench refit than days planning the engine removal, along with the cost of buying lumber and a block and tackle I might never use again to build a rickety lift that might work OK or strain a ligament or three.
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