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A little more of the running story here...

After switching over temporarily to a portable fuel tank until I can get the main de-watered, the engine was idling sweetly.. around 900-1000 rpm.

The idle mixture is at 1-1/4 turns and still rich since when starting cold with choke out, it starts in 2 sec and then I have to put the choke in right away or it runs very rough and eventually dies. How lean do people run?

Had it out on a calm (ie no wind) evening last night and was able to get a top RPM of 1700. At this I was cruising at 6.5 kn in an Alberg 30 with a WL of 22' which is right around what the calculator says should be possible. I did not check the vacuum gauge reading at this point.

Did a nice 30 min cruise around at 1500 rpm to try and get the engine to work some some and maybe help clean up the plugs a little.

Don't think I can do much more this season to finer tune it. Will be getting new smaller prop for next year and EI is on the list.
1975 Alberg 30
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