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New configuration

Fuel path is as follows...
-shut of valve immediately on top of tank
-steel (copper?) line down , around to side of engine compartment
-transition to rubber fuel hose
-Racor fuel/water separator
-electric fuel pump
-shut off solenoid ( opens when coil is powered)
-fuel pressure gauge
-polishing filter
....and finally, to the carb.

As you can see, I have a lot going on, hence my concern about a drop from 6 to 2.5 psi in fuel pressure.
All fittings are double clamped hose over barbed brass fittings, except the shut off valve / metal fuel line on the top of fuel tank. It has a compression fitting.

My using the ďANí fitting/hose was to allow me to remotely mount the oil pressure unit.

Will Snap a picture next week and post.

Thanks for the feed back- this place is a awesome resource


C&C 29 MK1
Erieau , Lake Erie
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