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Originally Posted by TomG View Post

You have compression. That's good.

You have a spark. That is also good.

If the timing is correct, that really only leaves fuel.

If the engine WAS running and the distributor and plug leads haven't been messed with, timing should be very close.

If it tries to fire with ether, then that's good too. With just a spray into the intake, I would guess you'd get a couple of RPM before the engine had consumed all the ether. You really need two people to use starting fluid, IMHO (one to spray while the other cranks. You could also get a remote start switch.)

If you haven't at least drained the carb, that would be my first order of business. If it were me and these symptoms presented, I would remove the carb and clean it really well. These updraft carbs really need the idle port and a fully closed choke to start and run. The idle and main ports are easily clogged and also easily cleaned.

I wouldn't hesitate to drain the carb and then immediately remove and clean the idle and main jets and passages.
Draining the carb is my next step - headed down to the boat soon. To clarify, to clean the jets and passages, one must remove the carb? I would assume so...

thanks for the feedback on the ether...yeah, it is a few seconds before i can get to the key. That stuff is...ethereal. So the fact it doesn't 'run' on the ether doesn't indicate anything about anything.
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