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Originally Posted by Al Schober View Post
Curious how you pumped out the old fuel - using the pickup tube or from the very bottom of the tank? The pickup tube doesn't go to the bottom of the tank! You need to get to the bottom, as that's where the gunk collects. What did you find when you pumped it out?
Primer bulbs are NG for inboard engines. If the primer bulb is pumping gas into the carb inlet, you have a bad float valve - needs replacing.
If the engine doesn't roar for a moment with starting fluid, you have a spark issue.
Listen to Mo.
i guess it was from the pickup tube. Mistakenly thought it was as low as it needed to be.

Read a thread earlier...about water separators, i think...that said putting a bulb in line was good to prime the empty system after changing a filter, etc. Looking through more threads, it seems unnecessary. I'll take it out and go directly to the inlet that leads to the bowl.

how does one empty the bowl? There's wire around that sort of seems like a retaining clip...but i don't want to put a lot of force on it to retract it.

We tested for a spark, and there was one....and i am seeing the exhaust.

Starting fluid...just aim in the intake that's under the metal filter? (that's what i did, but no start)
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