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It seems to be a Bluejacket twin.
That's a much different animal than the "Atomic 2" I bought a few years ago.: Mine was also marketed as a Kermah—maybe just a re-branded as Atomic.
This one looks to have the same bloodlines as genuine Atomic 4.
Sorry about the poor drawing but that's the way it is in my old manual.

Mine is sparked with a magneto. This has a gear-driven generator and points ignition. I have tune up specs and some engine specs for that if you need it. PM me and I can scan whatever I find relevant for it in the book.
Cute how they used a 4- cyl. distributor cap.

parts will hard to find.
I plan to get generic Fel-pro gasket material for the head gasket on mine.

PS. I uploaded pic from ad for posterity.
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