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Originally Posted by JOHN COOKSON View Post
But here goes anyway R\E electronic ignitions.

I don't think burned out coils are the problem. They are a symptom of a bigger problem.

To me burned out coils mean the electronic ignition is acting up. Why do some EIs work fine and others fry coils? (as others have noted)

Maybe some dwell readings would be helpful. Dwell with engine (and EI) at idle cold, and dwell with cold engine reved up. Then dwell with engine (and EI ) warmed up at idle and then dwell with a throughly warmed engine (and EI) reved up.

Just an idea. My $0.01 for the day.

Interesting questions raised here. I would like to see some dwell data from the EI crowd. We know that the EI has greater dwell than the point ignition and that greater dwell imposes a greater heat burden on the coil. The fact that some EI systems work and others don't might be related to actual, effective, cruising voltage at coil+ which can reflect dozens of electrical system differences on our boats. Coil+ is where "the rubber meets the road", so to speak.
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