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Kelly, you essentially have the same setup as I had which just failed, however, seems to work just fine for everybody else. To remedy the problem I had this summer of running from storms in 15 minute chunks until the coil would die, I've gone to a redundant coil system: I have a (identical to the recently failed one) 3 ohm oil filled Flamethrower as my backup, and I am currently running a 1.5ohm (Accel brand) oil filled coil with a 1.5 ohm resistor in front of it, as recommended by Pertronix. I figured after burning up the 3 ohm coil, why not?

Full disclosure - I've screwed up my 'testing grounds' too by dialing down the voltage a little bit..Those numbers reported above were in the "as failed" running conditions..I am seeing something in the 10v range at the externally resisted coil now. I'll have to do further testing (sorry, going cruising this weekend!) on the readings of the new 3 ohm coil to compare to my dead 3 ohm coil with the updated voltage settings. So, essentially, I've changed three things...a new externally resisted coil, an internally resisted coil as backup, and the voltage I am sending to the coil.

So much for following my own suggestions for a methodical approach.
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