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> I've never done a slight twist to the rotor Left or right and I'm not quite sure of the lock nut, he was talking about.
> I just want to take and resolve one issue at a time and not screw things up before I get it all done. If there is none, then it was the timing being slightly off.

You'll find this to be very straightforward once you see the simple moving parts. It's so easy and fundamental to the proper operation of the engine that I would suggest doing this timing tuning first if it could be contributing to the smoke problem.

> So, I am contemplating fidgeting with the carburetor idle to bring it down a bit but it is an obscenely narrow space to work in.

Yeah baby. That's why Don has this:

Actually I find even the increased diameter to be a bit small to twist by hand so I'm considering epoxying a disc of G10 to the shaft, below where the screwdriver thread bottoms out, and cutting some gnurls into the G10 with a Dremel for better grip.
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