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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
Or, modify your new reversing gear plate with a tube and a sealed cap.

I think that was Melís choice #2. Itís not a bad idea at all...but he could have done that with the original plate too. Although the tube on the original plate is probably not thick enough to support cutting threads into it, still would have required some welding/machining.

There is a viable choice #3: just take the four bolts of that plate off when you want to add oil. In a typical season, I rarely if ever have to add oil. Itís easier to get the oil out that way too. You just need a gasket that will hold up to repeated removal - rubber instead of cork, perhaps. Or use a small funnel and add a bit through the dipstick tube.

My posting was less than seven hours after yours...youíre just too darn efficient with the recycler for your own good! I keep anything thatís been removed from my boat or engine for years before giving it up! (This is not a healthy habit either, I realize.)
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