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Originally Posted by tenders View Post
You've got a vee drive, just like mine.

The point of that oil cap, which is standard on vee drive installations, allow you to put oil into the engine. Do you have good access to the fill cap on the other side of the engine? I don't. But I don't have exhaust smells in the cabin, even with this fill cap setup. It does sometimes drip tiny amounts of oil.
Hello Tenders..

Are you serious!!????!

Well your comment came a little late.. the original plate is now at the local re-cycling depot.

If that is the case I have two choices...

1) crawl thru the lazaret to re-fill the oil on changes and top ups or...

2) Add a section of 2" black pipe that is welded on with a screw on end cap.

Either way the oil smell is mostly gone and/or greatly reduced... I can actually enjoy the cabin now while underway and not have this thick smog of smoke in the cabin.

It takes me an hour and a half to travel to open waters before I can raise sail for the Gulf Islands... I think, I'll try it for a while and see how it works under a full day of cruising.

Thank you for you'r suggestion... it is much appreciated.


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