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Originally Posted by Marty Levenson View Post
"As well a suggestion to address my excessive smoke caused by the engine blow by..."

Please share.....?

Hi Marty..

My smoke problem I believe is mostly caused by this add on oil vent cap on my gearbox cover plate.

I had a new gearbox cover plate made by water jet cut so as to not to distort the steel plate and matching exactly the locations for the 4 bolt throughs. Everything except the crazy vent cap.

I don't know why the previous owner had it installed in the first place.

As a result... There is hardly any to no smoke in the cabin, I smell it more at the back of thru hull exhaust and only if she has been sitting for a while. But it usually clears up after 10 ins of running.

Next up, I am looking into installing the Indigo PVC valve... to the further reduce any oily smoke.

I can't do much about the oil filler cap at the front of the engine... But it certainly smells a lot better and my CO2 sensor isn't going off every 5 mins!!! In fact hasn't gone off at all since I installed the new cover plate.

Hope this helps you Marty.

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