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OPSS Switch question

Greetings - a couple questions as I upgrade to a electric fuel pump (working with the MM conversion kit)

1) the brass plug I need to remove to install the OPSS is giving me grief. Instead of fighting this any longer, I got a bright idea.....wondering if I can add the OPSS to the same outlet as the Oil Pressure sending unit. To avoid any extreme torque on that location, I would use a “AN” fitting, and remotely mound the sending unit and OPSS. Any reason this won’t work?

2) I am adding a fuel shutoff solenoid. Any reason I can’t power this off the coil “+” terminal ? Turn off the engine, solenoid closes. This is over and above the valve on top of the tank.

As always, I value, and appreciate the input of this group.


C&C 29 MK1
Erieau , Lake Erie
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