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A few years ago a member (Kiskadee) had water in oil. He was on a summer cruise and I saw his post of facebook...we've been friends for years. He mentioned the marina he was at and was pretty much resolved to deal with a major engine issues far from home. I googled the marina he mentioned and called it. Got the manager and gave him my number. He knew of Dana's problem there and I told him to have Dana call me at home. 10 minutes later the phone rings. Told Dana to call MMI, order a new pump. I think it took 2 or 3 days for the pump to make it to the remote village he was in and he installed it....the pump was the issue. The engine ran great prior to water getting into the oil, and he only noticed the grey oil upon checking issues since.

If I were in your position, I'd be looking to a pump issue. So your impeller problem you mentioned could have occurred if a plastic bag or some other object blocked your intake...the pump would continue to work and heat up. The impeller would be damaged, the water within the pump would warm up, the seals would likely heat up as the shaft spins....

You were looking for "advice" and my very strong gut feeling is this. "call and order a new raw water pump" Take a pic of the one you have and send it to Ken and get yourself set up with a new one.

Here's another thing people neglect and it causes premature wearing on pumps....there a cup on the side that is supposed to be filled with grease. I turn this cup about 1/8 turn every 3 or 4 hours of running. I end up topping up the grease cup a couple of times a's easy insurance and it works.

All the best with that.

Edit: an after thought: since you had an impeller "melted" there is a possibility of a head gasket issue. Some of the things you could do to check this would be to
1. steam coming out of the exhaust
2. if you see steam you could pull plugs and see if they look really clean...water cleans them....but it there was that much water it should be misfiring.
3. you could try a compression test and see if you have two adjacent cylinders with low pressures.
Not trying to scare you off here, so if you don't notice steam out the exhaust your head gasket is likely fine.

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