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No...gas in the oil won't make it grey...that is water. I, of course, haven't looked at your engine but would like you to check something. On your water pump there is a weep hole on the bottom. Ensure that it is not plugged up with dirt.

As mentioned, you need to change the oil at least 3 or 4 times to get water from it. Even after that you will notice some condensation on the stick. The oil should look like oil though.

Here's something that can happen and it usually occurs when the weep hole is plugged on the raw water pump. There are two seals in there, if water bypasses one of the seals it goes into a space between the two and drips out...if that hole is plugged pressure can build and the water is forced past the seal and drains into the base pan. Of all the water in oil cases I've seen there were two main culprits. The seals can also wear with usage and age and need replacing or replace the pump. Trick is to ensure this is your issue.

1. Most commonly was the seals in the pump...and when it goes most people think the engine is done when it needs a new raw water pump.

2. Breach in the exhaust manifold...but that made the engine run poorly as the water affected firing of one or more pistons. (I don't think this is your issue)

There are other causes, cracked block, corrosion through a piston wall, corrosion through a water jacket....but the most common that I've seen in my 10 years or so playing with these things was a water pump seal failure. Sometimes the shaft wears on the pump as well and causes problems. Have a good look at the pump, and you could call MMI and talk to someone there to get the low down on that.

As for gas in the usually end up with pump failure and the engine won't run well and is hard to start, starving for fuel at high you have those symptoms going on?

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