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  1. Amphibiographer
    08-22-2019 06:29 PM
    Hi. I can't find any way to post a new thread. Can you post it for me please? This is my question:
    "With no load on it, at a fast idle speed, my 35 amp Motorola alternator takes over 25 minutes to raise the voltage of my starter battery from its resting charge of 12.6V to 13.5V As soon as I lower the engine revs to a slow idle the voltage begins to drop 0.01V per minute. If I stay at fast idle and turn on the Bilge Blower battery voltage drops more than 0.6V at about 0.05V per minute.

    Is this happening because the voltage regulator is not working? Why does voltage keep dropping under load when I'm running the engine more than 1200rpm? Am I draining the battery by running the engine?

    I keep the starter battery charging on a solar panel just in case.

    Thanks for any help with this."

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